Double Dark Chocolate Chunk Muffins

The best chocolate muffin complete with melty dark chocolate chunks throughout. Hearty enough for breakfast and sweet enough for a midday treat! These muffins come together in less than one hour and are best enjoyed warm from the oven.

Maple Pecan Banana Baked Oatmeal

Maple pecan banana baked oatmeal is perfect when you want a warm and comforting breakfast! The natural sweetness of bananas and the warming cinnamon spice pair perfectly with oats. The maple pecan topping brings a sweet and salty combination that compliments the oatmeal.

Light and Fluffy Earl Grey Infused Pancakes

Light and fluffy pancakes infused with the classic tea earl grey. These pancakes are made with a combination of flours and include whole milk greek yogurt. Perfect for a spring breakfast or brunch!